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Childcare costs 'up 6%'

The cost of a full-time nursery place has doubled in the last ten years, setting parents back around £11,000 a year, a new report has found. Average cost rose by 6% last year.

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Nursery costs soar at 'above-inflation' rate

A report has suggested that rising costs in childcare is evidence of a "market failure in our childcare system".

It said costs were high because more than 90 per cent of nursery care is provided by private and not-for-profit sectors in England.

  • In the last year alone, the average nursery cost for a child aged under two has increased at an above-inflation rate of 4.2 per cent, to around £106 a week for a part-time place at 25 hours a week
  • Costs for children aged over two have increased at an even faster rate of 6.6 per cent annually to around £104 a week for a part-time place
  • Childcare costs for older children have soared by 9 per cent over the last year, with the typical cost of an after-school club at 15 hours a week reaching around £50

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