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Clamp down on payday lenders

Britain's biggest payday lenders have been threatened with being put out of business after a damning report by the Office of Fair Trading uncovered evidence of "widespread irresponsible lending".

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Payday lenders: Your views

We asked you if you had used payday loan services before and if so, had they helped?

Here are some of your replies:

  • Carly Michelle Jolley: They shouldn't be forced to change, they should be shut down!
  • Linda Keeler: Am using one now and definitely helps me,I only borrow what I can afford to repay and I have a site which tells me how much I will repay on the due date before I agree to the loan. I must admit that the interest rates could be lower than they are but overall very handy for emergencies.
  • Lili Millin: People don't have the choice with everything going up in price and not their wages, it's a vicious cycle... it's easy for people to say that people get themselves in these problems but when your bank won't help you... you have no choice.

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