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PM sticking to economy plan

Prime Minister David Cameron will promise to continue "sticking to the plan" on the economy, despite the loss of the country's AAA credit ratings and signs from his Business Secretary Vince Cable it was time to change course.

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PM will 'roll up sleeves and fight' for economic future

David Cameron has pledged to 'stick to the plan' to fix the economy and said he is 'ready to fight' to improve the competitiveness of the UK.

"Some of the changes we need to be competitive will be a big fight. Housing reform, planning reform, the building of new roads, new by-passes.

"The highspeed rail, these are fundamental changes, they are essential for the future of our economy but they are not - and I don't expect them to be - universally supported.

David Cameron speaking in Yorkshire

"But my message is simple, people should make no mistake, in this battle for the future of Britain and our competitiveness, I'm prepared to roll up my sleeves and have a fight if that's what it takes."

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