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Call for large-scale deer cull

Experts are urging a large-scale cull on deer which could see close to a million animals being shot each year in the UK.

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Dangers posed by urban deer populations

Shooting by trained and licensed hunters is the only practical way to keep deer populations under control, according to Dr Paul Dolman, from the University of East Anglia.

As deer populations are pushed from the countryside to more urban areas Dr Doman claims the likelihood of accidents increases.

Studies have been done in Sheffield that show roe deer living in cemeteries.

Muntjac deer will move into private gardens and allotments. Fallow deer are wide ranging - they live in woodland but come in to feed. There are housing estates in London where they've been known to graze on lawns in the evening.

There have been no accidents yet but it's only a matter of time. These are large animals with sharp antlers. If you had one cornered in a school playing field, it could be nasty.

– Dr Paul Dolman, the University of East Anglia

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