Labour: 'Britain needs properly managed migration'

The shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper has said reform is needed to ensure that Britain has "properly managed migration.

During a speech at the Institute for Public Policy Research, Mrs Cooper denied that for Labour to discuss immigration "is a move to the right"

Instead she insisted that a "serious debate" is needed to ensure that it is "properly controlled".

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper
Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper acknowledged that Labour made some mistake on immigration when they were in government. Credit: PA/PA Wire/Press Association Images

"As Ed Miliband has said a One Nation immigration policy needs to work for all. That means an honest and open debate. It means admitting where we got things wrong and changing.

"It is because immigration is so important for Britain’s future that we need a fair, controlled system that people can support", she concluded.

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Labour: End visa loopholes

Today Labour will call for an end to student visitor visa loopholes, as the party continues to reposition itself on immigration.