French mother on trial for sending son to nursery in 9/11 T-shirt

A mother who sent her son to nursery school wearing a T-shirt reading “Jihad, born on 11 September” has gone on trial in southern France.

The 3-year-old, named Jihad, arrived at kindergarten on September 24 last year, wearing the T-shirt which read “I am a bomb” on the front and “Jihad, born on 11 September” on the back .

The child's teacher alerted the authorities and his mother, Bouchra Bagour, was later charged with “glorifying crime”.

The 35-year-old mother, who denies the charges, told the court that she had put the T-Shirt on him, “without stopping to think about it."

The prosecution argue that the T-shirt was a, “direct and scandalous allusion to terrorism”.

Ms Bagour’s brother, Zeyad Bagour, who reportedly gave the T-shirt to the child, has also been charged and also denies the charges.

The trial has been adjourned until next month.