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Labour: End visa loopholes

Today Labour will call for an end to student visitor visa loopholes, as the party continues to reposition itself on immigration.

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Tory promises on net migration 'not what they seem'

As Labour continues to reposition itself on immigration, Yvette Cooper will insist that the impact of immigration must be properly managed, so it is "fair for all".

In a speech today, Ms Cooper will claim Conservative promises to reduce net migration to tens of thousands by the election, is "not what it seems".

According to the Shadow Home Secretary:

  • A reduction in net migration of 72,000 is made up of a 27,000 increase in emigration, in addition with a 20,000 drop in the number of Britons returning to the UK. At the same time, student immigration has dropped by 38,000, at a cost of £8 billion in investment a year

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