Humperdinck congratulates Bonnie Tyler on Eurovision

Last year's UK entry for the Eurovision Song Contest Engelbert Humperdinck has congratulated Bonnie Tyler as she takes the baton this year.

Welsh singer Tyler was unveiled yesterday as the UK hopeful with a track called Believe In Me which she will sing at the event in Malmo, Sweden.

Humperdinck referred to the competition as a "pyramid of paradise" and said "You can do it Bonnie" Credit: BBC

In a letter, Humperdinck, 76, wrote:

"Dear Bonnie, I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you on being the one to represent our wonderful country.

"The loss of winning had me stepping on a loose unforgiving stone on a pyramid to paradise.

Bonnie Tyler performs on German television last month Credit: Andreas Lander/DPA/Press

"But paradise will always be there for someone else to triumph in fair judgment to pride our country once again

PS You can do it Bonnie."