Dancing Pony star won 'X Factor style' contest

The moonwalking pony in the hit advert for mobile phone company 3, was hand-picked in an X Factor style contest.

'Socks' was handpicked from hundreds of other horsey-hopefuls following a talent contest before undertaking two weeks worth of training.

He was also given a makeover, with Norwegian stylist Bjorn Larsen using hair extensions and hairspray to turn Socks into a, “cross between a young Rod Stewart and Limahl”.

The 60-second advert shows Socks moonwalking along a cliff to the 1987 Fleetwood Mac hit “Everywhere”, and has proved to be a hit on the internet with over three million views on YouTube.

Owner Mari Williamson told the Sun that she always knew Socks was a star.

The 37-year-old said, “Socks is not like any other Shetland pony, he’s unique. He’s a quirky character and a happy chappy”.