1. Lawrence McGinty

Jeremy Hunt's mood music hints at Mid Staffs response

At the moment Jeremy Hunt is still considering his response to the Mid Staffordshire NHS report and I think we can read some mood music in to what he is saying today.

Take for example his phrase about 'box ticking' - everyone knows that at Mid Staffs the hospital authorities were preoccupied with meeting targets about waiting lists and hospital infections and took their eye off the ball.

The key phrase is 'hit the target and miss the point' and he has pinched that phrase from the boss of the NHS David Nicholson who you might remember is currently under very heavy attack - 25 MPs have now signed a motion calling for his resignation.

I think staff working in the NHS are going to say hang on - you're currently asking us to save £20 billion from the NHS budgets by next year there's a massive reorganisation of the NHS.

The danger from the Health Secretary's point of view is that they may see his remarks about mediocrity and box ticking applying to them and they will not be very happy about it.