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Duchess 'didn't say daughter'

New footage appears to show that the Duchess of Cambridge did not start saying "is this for our daughter" during a visit to Grimsby, but in fact, "is this for us, aww."

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Video appears to show Kate didn't say 'my daughter'

It was originally thought the Duchess of Cambridge may have said "is this for our dau..." Credit: Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire

New footage appears to dismiss the suggestion that the Duchess of Cambridge accidentally let slip that she was expecting a baby girl during a visit to Grimsby.

But a previously unseen video, obtained by the Grimsby Telegraph, seemingly shows the Duchess saying: "Is this for us, aww, thank you so much, it's very sweet of you."

Lisa Hewson, who filmed it, told the paper: "Kate does such a good job and people are always picking and pulling her apart.

"I am sure the lady genuinely thought she heard what she said she did, and I don't want to make her look bad, all I am saying is this is my video, if you want to listen to it, here it is."

She added: "Maybe she might send me a little note or even an MBE, although I think that might be doubtful!"

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