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Huhne 'mocked by prison guard'

Disgraced former Cabinet minister Chris Huhne was allegedly mocked by a prison officer on his first day at Wandsworth jail, The Sun reports. Huhne and his ex-wife were both jailed for eight months over a speeding points scandal dating back a decade

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Chris Huhne apologises for speeding points lies

Chris Huhne has apologised for the lies which led him to be jailed for eight months for perverting the course of justice.

Former Cabinet minister Chris Huhne has been sentenced to eight months in prison. Credit: Jeff Moore/Jeff Moore/Empics Entertainment

The former Cabinet minister gave interviews to Channel 4 News and The Guardian hours before he was sentenced, where he said he felt "awful that people I love have been dragged into this gruelling experience".

The disgraced ex-MP told The Guardian: "I am sorry. I want to say that to family, to friends, to constituents and to colleagues, and more broadly to everybody who cares passionately about the causes I care about, including saving the planet for our children and our grandchildren."

And he admitted to Channel 4 News: "I certainly lied and lied again, and part of it was about saving my career but it was also partly to try and avoid the consequences for my family."

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