Police warn escaped murderer is increasingly dangerous

Police have warned that a convicted murderer who absconded while on day-release from prison poses a "higher risk to the public" the longer he is on the run.

The longer he is away from prison, the stronger the possibility he could become a higher risk to the public.

Lynch has little money on him and has been in prison since he was 19-years-old so will not be familiar with any of his surroundings and may approach people and ask for money or directions ...

Although he could still be in Lancashire, we do still believe there is a possibility he may be trying to travel back to the Greater Manchester area from where he originates.

– Detective Chief Inspector Andy Gilbert, lancashire police

Police urge the public to stag vigilant and to report any sightings to Lancashire Police by dialling 999. Information can be passed on by calling 101 or via Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.