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Falklanders vote to stay British

The Falkland Islands have voted overwhelmingly in a referendum to remain a British territory, with 98.8% voting in favour. Just three people of 1,517 votes cast were against it.

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Argentinian journalist: Vote 'won't make any difference'

Journalist Celina Andreassi, from the Argentina Independent in Buenos Aires, said the strength of the Yes vote had been "quite predictable".

The majority of people here agree with the official position, that the issue is not about self-determination and it is not about whether the islanders consider themselves British or not, because obviously everyone knows that they do and that they are British.

The issue for most people here is that whether the territory is Argentine or British, not the people themselves.

I really don't think this referendum is going to make much of a difference... both sides are going to remain really strong in their position and we are probably going to continue where we are for a long, long time.

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