Eurostar customers frustrated with late service information

Eurostar customers have been tweeting their frustration this morning about not being notified early enough about the suspension of trains due to snow in northern France.


@eurostar v.poor customer service to offer no indication of poss problems 6am and almost 8am when suspend all. Took taxi to Ebbsfleet 745


@sundersays Hi Sunder. The French high speed line is now closed and as a consequence, services are suspended. Apologies for the lack of info


@eurostar my point is that, as you knew there were problems at 7am and 730am, why no announcements? My wasted trip was avoidable.

Sunder Katwala told ITV News: "I got a £20 taxi at 7:45 am to arrive at 8am, to be told all services were suspended for the day. Announced 'about 10 to 8'"


Snow causes travel disruption

Hundreds of drivers were stranded in their vehicles in Sussex and Kent overnight in freezing conditions due to the snow. There were reports of drivers stuck for more than 10 hours.