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Falklanders vote to stay British

The Falkland Islands have voted overwhelmingly in a referendum to remain a British territory, with 98.8% voting in favour. Just three people of 1,517 votes cast were against it.

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Falkland Islanders: 'Argentina must pay attention'

Falklands United on behalf of the Falklands United Movement have launched an outspoken attack on President Cristina Kirchner of Argentina in a statement released after the referendum results.

Tonight the Government of Argentina and the rest of the world heard our voice. It is a Falklands voice. It is a British voice.

Tonight is without doubt a very special moment for Falkland Islanders but even more so for democracy.

We have been treated by the Argentine Government as if we don’t exist – or at least as if we have no rights. We have been told that within twenty years our home will be under the control of a nation that we know does not have our best interests at heart. This will never happen and we have resolutely voted against that.

Argentina must pay attention and accept the result of our referendum. Failure to do so suggests that they have priorities other than democracy and freedom of people to choose their own future. In the modern world surely these priorities must be condemned.

These messages have been humbling and a sign that in addition to most of South America, Argentine citizens are growing tired of the Kirchner Government.

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