1. Tom Bradby

Government hits human reality of the 'bedroom tax'

Today's amendments to the so-called 'bedroom tax' are not a u-turn - the policy is still going ahead - but it is clear that some people in the coalition are uneasy about how it is going down with the public.

For the coalition faced with a massive budgetary deficit, the welfare bill seemed like a logical place to make savings - both politically and economically.

Coalition members feel they have a very clear principle: If you buy your own house by scrimping and saving then it is your home. But if you get a house off the state, you have it for as long as you need it, but if another family need it more then you have to move.

So far so logical, but the human reality is very different. It is clear that a lot of very vulnerable people are affected and we are now at the point where the coalition feels it has no choice but to cave in on some points.