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PM 'drops' minimum drink prices

Conservative backbenchers have expressed concern amid suggestions that David Cameron has been pressured into dropping plans for minimum pricing of alcohol by senior Cabinet ministers.

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Labour: Drink pricing u-turn would be 'weak leadership'

Shadow home office minister Diana Johnson said:

Theresa May and David Cameron have announced a minimum alcohol price twice in the last 12 months.

Now we hear reports the Home Secretary has changed her mind on her own policy and wants to U-turn.

This is weak leadership and weak government. The Home Secretary and the Prime Minister said this measure would cut crime and prevent alcohol abuse. What's changed?

Both times the Government announced this measure we made clear there needs to be a package around alcohol abuse, a minimum price is not a magic bullet.

And there needs to be a clear plan to prevent a windfall for supermarkets. Both times the Government insisted a minimum price was the only way forward.

Theresa May has taken her eye off the ball recently. On a flagship policy this is a humiliating climbdown.

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