Lewis Hamilton's plans to build 'museum' for his trophies

Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he is considering building a museum to house his huge collection of trophies.

“I have been thinking to build a museum. It was my dad’s idea. It would be cool to have somewhere – in Stevenage or London, I don’t know – where we could have one of the cars from every year that I have driven and have the trophies up so that people can see them”

“Or I am going to have to build a house big enough because I have hundreds of trophies – I must have at least 500,” the 2008 world champion told the Guardian.

Lewis Hamilton could soon open a museum - to himself Credit: HOCH ZWEI/DPA/Press Association Images

Ahead of Sunday’s opening Formula one race, the 28-year-old also revealed he is excited to welcome “new member of the family” to his team - his new bulldog, Roscoe.

2013 is dawning as a year of change with a new team and a new dog, and a £20m private jet to help the 28-year-old get around the world.

The Mercedes driver said, “having the plane gives you a lot of time back in your life."