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Savile failings 'could reoccur'

The police inspector watchdog and the head of Greater Manchester Police have warned forces' failures to share intelligence on a prolific offender such as Jimmy Savile could happen again. A report has highlighted missed opportunities to stop the abuse

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Surrey Police: 'Number of learning points' from Savile report

Statement from Surrey Police Assistant Chief Constable Jerry Kirkby said:

As highlighted in our internal review published in January, Surrey Police agree with and accept the HMIC conclusions that there are a number of learning points to come out of this case.

The HMIC review is clear that intelligence sharing between forces was critical to the eventual outcome of allegations made against Savile in his lifetime.

I welcome their acknowledgement that in 2007 victims were taken seriously by Surrey Police and allegations were recorded correctly but Surrey investigators were unable to benefit from the knowledge of any previous allegations made elsewhere in the country despite conducting national intelligence checks.

The review concludes that had Surrey investigators been made aware of these previous reports, our investigation would have been scaled up accordingly.

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