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Court ruling 'won't affect HS2'

Ministers insist a ruling that its compensation consultation process for those affected by the HS2 high-speed rail scheme was unlawful "will not affect the construction timetable in any way." Four other consultation claims by protesters were rejected

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Anti-HS2 group wants property bonds from Govt

A spokesman for the anti-HS2 group that was successful in its High Court case over the compensation consultation suggested that the Government should issue property bonds:

We don't have a value for what the compensation bill will be.

One way for the Government to help would be to issue property bonds to ensure the housing market remains liquid.

Existing owners may have to sell at a discount because of the blight.

But bonds could be issued to ensure the person buying would have a guarantee that the Government would make up the difference if the price fell below a certain level.

This could help prevent people being unable to sell and remaining trapped in their homes for a long period of time when a change in their circumstances, such as a change of job, required them to sell.

– HS2AA spokesman Richard Houghton

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