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Petrol price rises again

The average price of petrol has reached the 140p-a-litre mark again, the AA has said. Both petrol and diesel prices are now short of their all-time highs reached last year, with diesel now at an average of 146.38p a litre.

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Petrol risen by 8 pence a litre since start of the year

Since the beginning of the year, petrol has risen around 8p a litre and diesel has gone up 6.5p.

  • The cheapest petrol can be found in northern England and in Yorkshire and Humberside, averaging around 139.3p a litre
  • The most expensive area for petrol is Northern Ireland at 141.1p a litre
  • Northern Ireland is substantially more expensive than the next dearest at 140.5p a litre in south-east England
  • The South East is also the most expensive for diesel, at 147.1p a litre
  • Yorkshire and Humberside is the cheapest for diesel at 145.7p

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