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Blasts rock Baghdad killing 56

Car bombs and a suicide blast hit Shi'ite districts of Iraq's capital Baghdad killing at least 50 people, according to police and hospital sources.

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ITV News Index: Britain was wrong to join Iraq war

Ten years on from the start of the Iraq war, an ITV News Index poll carried out by ComRes appears to show that that just one in five adults in the UK think that Britain was right to take part, while almost three times as many say that it was wrong to do so.

  • Right to take part: 20%
  • Wrong to take part: 58%
  • Dont know: 22%

Strong doubts also remain over the motivations behind the Iraq war.

  • 57% think Tony Blair deliberately lied about the threat of Iraq stockpiling weapons of mass destruction
  • 59% disagree with those who claim that it doesn't matter that no weapons of mass destruction were found.

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