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Blasts rock Baghdad killing 56

Car bombs and a suicide blast hit Shi'ite districts of Iraq's capital Baghdad killing at least 50 people, according to police and hospital sources.

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Ex-US soldier reflects on the 2003 invasion of Iraq

Lieutenant Matt Gallagher completed an 18-month deployment in Iraq as a scout platoon leader between from 2007-2008.

Ten years after the 2003 invasion, in an interview with ITV News, he reflected on the war and said he had "a lot of questions and a lot of anger" over the way the war was conducted.

"You have to have a plan for when you get out. Not just for your military but for the country you're leaving.

"The war is still going on there. Just because America's withdrawn doesn't mean that warfare isn't a daily part of many Iraqis' lives".

"There wasn't the foresight to deal with a lifetime of consequences".

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