Pope Francis' social media intern reveals all

An intern of the newly inaugurated Pope Francis has revealed what it's like to work on the pope's social media output.

Sean Hudgins, one of two undergraduates from Villanova University in Pennsylvania who intern at The Vatican, told tech website Mashable they hope Pope Francis' Twitter updates will be "even more frequent" than those of his predecessor.

Pope Francis during his inaugural mass. Credit: Vandeville Eric/ABACA/Press Association Images

Mr Hudgins said, "Benedict's [tweets] were kind of sparse, and I think a lot of people want to see with this Twitter how to be more connected to the people, and I think Pope Francis, that's something that his brand is - to be more of a people person".

"So we're hopeful these tweets will be that", he added.

When asked why The Vatican decided to delete all of Pope Benedict XVI's tweets from the @Pontifex account, Mr Hudgins said he was "not at liberty to talk about that, but revealed the move was intended to avoid "conflating" the two pontiffs' Twitter updates.