Teachers given guide on handling 'sexting' in schools

Statistics from the children's charity Beatbullying suggested 38% of young people have received a sexually explicit text or email. Credit: PA

Teachers are to be issued with a guide on how to deal with 'sexting' - the sharing of explicit photos or videos through mobile phones and the internet.

Amid a rise in pupils sending sexually explicit pictures, the advice pack, which is launched tomorrow, offers tips on how to support a child whose image has been shared and whether the devices used should be searched.

A study by the NSPCC last year reported up to 40% of young people had been involved in 'sexting', and found teenage girls in particular were facing pressure from classmates to provide sexually explicit pictures of themselves.

The brochure - titled Sexting in schools: advice and support around self-generated images - will complement other resources already available to teachers, including 'So You Got Naked Online', produced last year by the South West Grid for Learning Trust.