MPs complain after a Scout is sick in the Commons

MPs have complained of a "really odd smell" in the House of Commons - only for it to be revealed that an ill Scout on a tour of Parliament had vomited on the Government benches.

A couple of Lib Dem MPs took to Twitter to complain of the stink:


in the budget debate in the House of Commons (which has a really odd smell today!) #StrongEconomyFairSociety


has solved the mystery of the smelly House of Commons and would like to thank the Scout that threw up all over the Government benches


Relieved to hear that the smell on the front bench isn't caused by corpse of friendly Commons mouse but the result of a scout being unwell.

The incident happened late yesterday.

A spokesman for Lib Dem MP Stephen Gilbert said: "Stephen brought it to the attention of the doorkeeper and they have attempted to clean it three times.

"Unfortunately the smell still lingers."

A House of Commons spokesman said: "When children are given tours it's not an unusual occurrence. It's been given a deep clean and it will be cleaned again tonight."


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