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Cold snap hits gas supplies

The Government and the energy regulator have denied that the UK is on the brink of running out of gas following weeks of unusually cold weather. It had been reported that there were only two days' worth of gas left in reserve .

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Government underestimating 'risk of Britain's lights going out'

The head of the energy giant SSE warned of the "very real risk" of the lights going out in Britain.

Ian Marchant said the Government was underestimating the problem, as he announced plans to cut back on power generation at five sites because the stations are either uneconomic or coming to the end of their lives.

It appears the Government is significantly underestimating the scale of the capacity crunch facing the UK in the next three years and there is a very real risk of the lights going out as a result.

He said the energy watchdog Ofgem had recently expressed real concern about the tightening of the UK's generation capacity margin that would follow expected plant closures in the next few years, predicting a 1:12 chance of the lights going out.

It is unlikely that the majority of the reductions in generation capacity and the delays to new investment we have announced today will have been included in this analysis, which highlights that the situation is likely to be even more critical than even they have predicted.

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