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Big freeze 'for another month'

The Met Office has warned the freezing weather could last until the end of April, suggesting that temperatures are unlikely to recover to normal averages until the latter part of next month. Hundreds are facing a sixth day without power in Scotland.

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Sellafield nuclear site closed for 'staff welfare'

Sellafield nuclear plant has been closed due to "staff welfare" following adverse weather, a spokesperson has said:

Sellafield is not one plant, it has over 1300 buildings – because of this when the site is fully operational it is like a small town, with over

10,000 people working here, moving around. Because of the high winds and the heavy snow, and the fact that a number of roads in West Cumbria have already be closed, it would be unsafe to allow people to move around in this way...There are no nuclear specific aspects of this incident.

– A Spokesperson for Sellafield

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