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Soldiers awarded honours

More than 100 members of the armed forces have been awarded military honours. A soldier who single-handedly battled insurgents in Afghanistan and two members of the RAF who defended Camp Bastion from an attack are among those recognised.

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Soldier charged Taliban fighters at close quarters

Lance Corporal Lawrence Kayser has ben awarded the Military Cross for saving colleagues from a "potentially disastrous situation" in Helmand Province in June 2012.

Lance Corporal Lawrence Kayser, from Woodton, Norfolk, from the Royal Anglian Regiment Credit: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire

His platoon came upon a large-group of enemy while preparing an ambush, when the 27-year-old leapt from a ditch, charged Taliban fighters and fought them at close quarters in their compound.

He said: "I am really humbled, my platoon is made up of the best members of the Battalion. It's not my medal, even though part of that incident I was alone, I wasn't truly alone."

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