Osborne lets the 'cat out of the Budget Box'

The Chancellor George Osborne delivered his fourth Budget at the despatch box earlier this week, but he waited until now to humour Twitter users by letting the cat "out of his Budget briefcase".

New tweeter Osborne, who posted his first tweet on the day of Wednesday's budget, today showed over 37,000 followers an image of a cat jumping out of the famous red box.

The Chancellor tweeted this picture of his Budget Box today. Credit: Twitter/George_Osborne

Although it was nothing more than a light-hearted post on the social networking site, the Chancellor did not miss out on an opportunity to use his party's "#aspirationation" hashtag in the tweet, which was one of the main themes of the budget.

He tweeted, "No rabbits in the red box this week - but there was a cat ... And also a big boost for #aspirationnation".