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Miliband warns of 'lost decade'

Ed Miliband has accused David Cameron of condemning Britain to a lost "decade of decline" by sticking to his austerity plans. The Labour leader said his party had to earn people's votes rather than expect to gain from the Government's failings.

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Shapps: Labour 'haven't learned from their mistakes'

The Chairman of the Conservative Party, Grant Shapps believes his party are dealing with the "big challenges" facing Britain and has warned Labour that "they haven't learned from their mistakes".

The Tory MP was reacting to Labour leader Ed Miliband's speech at his party's Spring conference today.

The Conservatives are dealing with the big challenges facing our country - backing people who want work hard and get on in life so Britain can succeed in the global race.

We've cut the deficit by a third, we're capping benefits - so no one can claim more than the average working family earns - and we're cutting taxes for millions of hardworking people in a fortnight's time.

But Labour don't get it. They haven't learnt from their mistakes. All Ed Miliband offers is more spending, more borrowing and more debt - exactly how Labour got us into this mess in the first place.

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