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Miliband warns of 'lost decade'

Ed Miliband has accused David Cameron of condemning Britain to a lost "decade of decline" by sticking to his austerity plans. The Labour leader said his party had to earn people's votes rather than expect to gain from the Government's failings.

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'We can turn this around and avoid a lost decade'

Addressing Labour's "people's policy forum" in Birmingham, Ed Miliband said he had the answers to Britain's current problems, telling the audience: "A lost decade is not inevitable."

"I don't just offer a change of management. I want to offer a change in the way this country is run and who it is run for," Mr Miliband said.

An investment in employment for the young, a "revolution" in the education system around vocational learning, regional banking systems and investment in homes were among the policy themes the Labour leader has outlined to the audience.

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