MPs dispute Conservative 'health tourism' figures

Liberal Democrat MP Julian Huppert said figures showed the amount left uncollected by the NHS from the treatment of overseas patients was under £7m a year:


I pointed out that Gov't figures show less than £7m uncollected from O/S NHS patients - see - PFI costs far more #fb

Labour's Kevan Jones suggested Jeremy Hunt's £200m figure was "simply made up."


Health secretary in commons admits does not know how many Immigrants are using health service Cost of £200 m simply made up.

Shadow Immigration Minister Chris Bryant suggested a doctors' code of ethics would prevent the denial of treatment to overseas patients:


So if it's up to clinicians to decide whether to treat someone who might not be entitled won't the hippocratic oath come into play.


PM crackdown on immigration

Immigrants face tougher curbs on unemployment benefits and access to the health service, under a crackdown unveiled by the Prime Minister.