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Big freeze 'for another month'

The Met Office has warned the freezing weather could last until the end of April, suggesting that temperatures are unlikely to recover to normal averages until the latter part of next month. Hundreds are facing a sixth day without power in Scotland.

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Roads cleared of huge snow drifts in Lancashire

Diggers have been ploughing through deep snow drifts to clear country lanes in the Burnley area of Lancashire.

A young man was found dead in this area on Saturday after trying to walk home through the snow after a night out.

Snow covers a road leading to the small village of Wycoller near Burnley Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

Snow drifts in excess of five metres deep (16ft 4in) have been reported on roads in many areas of northern England.

A farmhand makes her way through a wall of snow piled up along a road in the Briercliffe area of Burnley Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire
A runner makes his way up a cleared road flanked by deep snow in Burnley Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

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