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Drugs kingpin guilty plea

An international crime network responsible for importing more than 50 tonnes of cannabis and cocaine into the UK has been smashed. The last remaining kingpin, Philip Baron, pleaded guilty to conspiracies to import drugs and money laundering today.

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Gang responsible for 6% of cannabis sent to the UK

When police raided the villa of Walter Callinan, a close associate of Philip Baron, they found a 200-page ledger detailing transactions for a total of 17 tonnes of powerful 'skunk' cannabis sent to Britain over a 17 month period.

The shipments accounted for 6% of all cannabis sent into the UK at the time.

Callinan was jailed for 11 years 2011. Shortly after his arrest, Callinan phoned his son in a recorded phone call saying the game was essentially up. SOCA investigators listened as he told his son Ben:

There is documentation, spreadsheets of monies collected off motorways... 100 grand, 60 grand, 80 grand. We're f*** mate, they've got that much documentation.

F***ing hell, the Pope wouldn't get out of this.

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