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Cold weather hits energy bills

The unseasonable wintry weather is likely to fuel further increases in fuel bills, National Grid has warned. Britain's gas supplies have been very low as a result of higher-than-expected demand for this time of year.

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Cold snap 'no excuse for energy bills increase'

The Government has warned energy companies that the recent cold snap is "no excuse" for putting up electricity and gas bills.

I'm extremely concerned to make sure that people can afford their energy bills and when we have these cold weather snaps people who are on the lowest incomes get help with cold weather payments.

And the coalition has trebled the amount that people can get in cold weather payments to make sure that the most vulnerable get the help when they need it.

But, I'm not complacent. We've got to make sue that the market is efficient as possible and energy companies can't use a temporary cold weather snap as an excuse to push up bills.

– Ed Davey, Energy Secretary

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