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Drugs kingpin guilty plea

An international crime network responsible for importing more than 50 tonnes of cannabis and cocaine into the UK has been smashed. The last remaining kingpin, Philip Baron, pleaded guilty to conspiracies to import drugs and money laundering today.

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Drugs kingpin 'thought he was above the law'

There's no doubt Baron and his associates were operating at the top end of organised crime. He lived a lavish lifestyle abroad, portraying himself as a legitimate businessman, while orchestrating the importation of huge amounts of drugs into the UK.

There is clear evidence that his criminal activity was having a direct impact on communities in many of our towns and cities. He recruited people whom he could trust to perform specific roles and moved drugs and cash around in a business-like fashion. Baron thought he was untouchable but we were able to work with partners, both here and overseas, to completely dismantle the crime groups he was linked to.

– Head of Investigations in the North West for SOCA, Steve Baldwin

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