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Big freeze 'for another month'

The Met Office has warned the freezing weather could last until the end of April, suggesting that temperatures are unlikely to recover to normal averages until the latter part of next month. Hundreds are facing a sixth day without power in Scotland.

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Lambs found 'frozen to the ground' under the snow

Heavy snow is causing the "heartbreaking" deaths of lambs trapped in blizzard conditions, a farmer warned today.

Gareth Wyn Jones, who has 3,500 sheep at his farm in Llanfairfechan, Conwy, North Wales, said he and his sheepdog have rescued 70 ewes over the last three days.

Gareth Wyn Jones pulls out a pregnant sheep that was trapped for four days beneath snow Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

"With the massive snowfall and winds, it's just been horrendous."

The sheep are trapped under the drifts, some of which are 15ft in some places. We've dug 70 out in the last three days."Some lambs have been born frozen to the ground. It's heartbreaking."

Sheep can survive for weeks in the snow if necessary, especially in groups, as the immediate snow around them would melt and they would resort to eating each other's wool.

However, once they are rescued they tend not to survive for long after.

Gareth Wyn Jones looks at his sheepdog, Cap, after the dog picked up the scent of a sheep that had been trapped for four days beneath snow Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

Mr Wyn Jones was full of praise for his seven-year-old sheepdog Eryri Cap, who he said was responsible for every rescue they had performed.

"Without him we would never have found any of the sheep we rescued."

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