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Treasury calls for 10% cuts

Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, has sent a letter to government departments demanding a 10% cut in spending 2015/16. The demand does not apply to protected spending such as on schools and healthcare.

  1. Chris Ship

Home Office facing biggest savings

It seems the Home Office might have to find the greatest savings of all government departments.

Other big spending departments like the MoD have been partially protected.

But Theresa May's department, despite her public protestations that she could take no more, might have to save £700-800 million in 2015/16.

The Home Secretary was also linked to a campaign to replace David Cameron as Prime Minister.

The cuts demanded from all departments other than schools, hospitals and overseas aid is 10%.

For most, it is a bigger annual cut than the ones they have experienced in the current spending round - set out in 2010 shortly after the coalition was formed.

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