Iain Duncan Smith heckled as 'a ratbag' in Edinburgh

Iain Duncan Smith has reportedly been heckled while speaking in Scotland.

The Work and Pension Secretary was starting a speech on pension reform in Edinburgh when campaigner Willie Black called the Conservative MP "a ratbag", according to the Guardian.

Iain Duncan Smith Credit: Ian Nicholson/PA Wire

The paper said that Black shouted: "Why are you here in Scotland? We have a different philosophy. We've not elected you and your Tory cohorts. We don't want you; we don't need you. We've more pandas than you.

Referencing Edinburgh Zoo's two pandas Black continued; "You've only got one MP and we want a different Scotland that cares for people who are distressed and in poverty."

There are 15 Conservative MSPs but only one Scottish Tory in Westminster.

Claiming the bedroom tax would be the new poll tax in Scotland, he added: "And we're going to see the end of you. Back to England where you belong, you ratbag."