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Mandela spends first day home

Nelson Mandela is spending his first day at home after being released from hospital following his lengthy treatment for pneumonia.

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  1. Rohit Kachroo

Concern in South Africa for Nelson Mandela

There is a great deal of concern in South Africa, there always is when it comes to the health of Nelson Mandela, but previous visits to the hospital were always described by officials as being scheduled or routine.

According to the details that we have been given about last night's visit to the hospital, this wasn't the case then.

We are told by people close to the Mandela family that he was suffering from a heavy cold earlier this week.

Add to that his recurring lung infection that saw him hospitalised earlier this month and at the end of last year, a problem that dates back to his time on Robben Island when he suffered from tuberculosis.

He's now old, frail, ill and perhaps a visit to the hospital is not too surprising but that's really nothing to stop people from worrying.

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