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Former Archbishop attacks PM

George Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, has claimed that the government is “aiding and abetting” aggressive secularisation. He also questioned David Cameron's commitment to religious freedom.

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  1. Lewis Vaughan Jones - ITV News Correspondent

Lord Carey singles out Cameron for criticism

This isn't just a broad brush attack on the government. David Cameron is singled out for his role in what Lord Carey calls making Christianity more anxious and this increasing marginalisation of the faith.

Lord Carey's main issue is gay marriage. He is very strongly opposed to it and he expressed his opinion very strongly indeed.

Of course when he does this there is a lot of criticism and today we have been hearing from other people within the church as well.

They are keen to stress that Lord Carey's view is not the only view on gay marriage.

A number 10 spokesperson said this government strongly backs faith and that Christianity has a key part to play in the big society.

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