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Easter around the world

Millions of Christians around the world are marking Easter this weekend with religious ceremonies, re-enactments or simply by seeing friends and family.

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Pope Francis leads Catholics into Easter for first time

Pope Francis urged those who have strayed from the faith to allow God back into their lives as he led world's 1.2 billion Catholics into Easter for the first time.

Pope Francis presides at a solemn Easter vigil mass. Credit: EBU

Francis, who was elected as pope earlier this month, presided at a solemn Easter vigil mass at St. Peter's Basilica to lead the Roman Catholic Church into Easter Sunday.

Pope Francis took the mass at St. Peter's Basilica. Credit: EBU

The 76-year-old Francis delivered a simple homily recounting the Bible story of the women who went to Jesus' tomb but were surprised to find it empty.

Some 10,000 faithful lit candles as Francis walked up the main aisle of the basilica. Credit: EBU

Some 10,000 faithful lit candles as Francis, the former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina, walked up the main aisle, and then the basilica's lights were turned on.

The pontiff baptised many faithful during the Easter mass. Credit: EBU

Pope Francis urged his listeners not to be "afraid of God's surprises", never to lose confidence during the trials and tribulations of daily life, and, if they have strayed, to let God back into their lives.

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