Shapps: My children share a bedroom

Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps defended changes to housing benefit - including the so-called Bedroom Tax - by saying that his two boys share a bedroom.


@andyohara52 @skynews we have three children - and our two boys share a bedroom as it happens.

But Sky News political producer Vincent McAviney tweeted to Mr Shapps suggesting that if it was true that he lived in a five-bedroom house, his children would not need to share a room.


@grantshapps 1/1 This morning you told @skynews your two boys have to share a bedroom, according to Zoopla you have a five bedroom house...


@grantshapps 2/2 but you have three children so that is surely through choice no?


Benefit critics 'talk rubbish'

The Chancellor George Osborne has hit out at critics of the Government's benefits reform, accusing them of talking "ill-informed rubbish".