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Charity's diabetes checks call

Less than one in five people who have diabetes, have the condition under control, Diabetes UK has warned. The charity is calling for an increase in health checks for those with diabetes.

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More must be done to tackle diabetes, says charity

Barbara Young, chief executive of Diabetes UK, has accused the healthcare system of being "all too often not good enough" when tackling diabetes.

People with diabetes needed self-management support programmes, along with ongoing medical support and education if they were to avoid complications and reduce the risk of early death, she added.

Given that diabetes is serious and can lead to early death if not supported to manage their condition, it is extremely worrying that so few people have it under control.

When you consider that there are now three million people diagnosed with diabetes and this number is rising quickly, the fact that so many of them do not have good control over their diabetes means that unless something changes we face a public health disaster.

– Baroness Young

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