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Male bowel cancer cases soar

Bowel cancer rates among men have soared by more than a quarter in the last 35 years, new figures have shown. In contrast, women have experienced a rise of only 6%, according to the report from Cancer Research UK.

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Bowel cancer statistics released by Bobby Moore Fund

In 1993, England football legend Bobby Moore died of bowel cancer, the disease that claims the lives of 44 people every day in the UK.

After his death, his widow Stephanie Moore MBE, set up the Bobby Moore Fund in partnership with Cancer Research UK.

World Cup hero Bobby Moore. Credit: PA

The aims of the fund is to raise funds for world class research into bowel cancer and also raise awareness of the disease.

Since 1993, the Bobby Moore Fund has raised over £14 million, which has funded 37 research fellowships.

The new Make Bobby Proud campaign will encourage people to spread the word about the disease and raise funds.

It is especially aimed at the football community, as men are more likely to suffer from bowel cancer.

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