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Dementia patient care 'patchy'

The standard of care provided for people with dementia is "patchy", the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has said.

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Dementia patient care 'needs to catch up'

The general picture is that care is patchy. We know that it is really good in places but it's not consistent so that's what we want to be able to achieve with the quality standards is consistent, clear advice.

My personal view is that we are all playing catch up because the numbers of people with dementia has been increasing so dramatically - it is related to the ageing population.

We are just needing now to come to terms with the services that we are meant to be providing to support people - the quality standards will help shape that by providing clarity to some things that would be obvious but they are not necessarily in place at the moment.

– Professor Gillian Leng, Nice's deputy chief executive

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