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'Seven' British social classes

The British public fit in seven different classes based on economic, social and cultural measures rather than three, a new survey has found.

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Social class study reveals Britain's 'distinctive elite'

A new study into social class has found a "distinctive elite" group of people in the UK, according to one of the researchers involved in the work.

6% of the population, who are classed as "elite", have savings of more than £40,000, extensive social contacts and education at top universities.

It is striking that we have been able to discern a distinctive elite, whose sheer economic advantage sets it apart from other classes.

At the opposite extreme, we have discerned the existence of a sizeable group - 15% of the population - which is marked by the lack of any significant amount of economic, cultural or social capital.

The recognition of the existence of this group, along with the elite, is a powerful reminder that our conventional approaches to class have hindered our recognition of these two extremes, which occupy a very distinctive place in British society.

– Professor Mike Savage, of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

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