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Lanterns for Philpott children

Lanterns were lit in Derby on Sunday in remembrance of the six Philpott children who were killed in a house fire started by their father. The house is be demolished, councillors have announced yesterday.

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  1. Rupert Evelyn - ITV News Correspondent

Mick Philpott 'barks orders and women obey'

The Judge tells Mick Philpott: "You were obsessed with Lisa Willis...It is plain that you still are obsessed with Lisa Willis"

Mairead Philpott is sat listening looking distraught in the dock

The Judge is recounting Heather Kehoe's evidence about Mick: "Charming, domineering, always in control."

She says: "You did not care" that Mairead was hurt when Lisa Willis moved in. You bark orders and they obey, you were kingpin and no one else matters."

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